Combined Temperature Record

Daily Temperature Page

Daily Temperature Page

This is by far the most efficient method of maintaining your daily HACCP Temperature Records as you will only have a single page in use for the day.  Instead of having separate pages for Delivery Record, Cooking Record,  Reheating Record,  Holding Record,  and Refrigeration . . etc, all these can be.

Your page will be created specifically for you so while you are looking at this sample please remember you specify all the column names, you also set the number of samples to be available for each day.

Page Structure

The page is divided into sections for each CCP  in your HACCP Plan, the number of samples recorded in each CCP section is entirely up to you.

Critical Limits

The most significant critical limits are written on the top of each CCP section. The full text of your critical limits and associated corrective actions can be printed into the back pages of the book.

Refrigeration Record

The Refrigeration section is customised to suit all the refrigeration units you have installed, you can specify any combination of Chillers and Freezers  and the column names will use the normal terminology you use. e.g. Under Counter 4 Drawer Fridge’

Corrective Actions

If a Non compliance issue occurs then this is indicated at the bottom of the page and you are directed to make an entry in the special pages at the back of the book.  This consolidates all Non Compliances in a single location allowing you to see if there are any trends or common occurrences.

Books & Binding

The pages are bound calendar style which  allows any page in the book to be left open and lie flat.  Depending on the number of days per week your business is opened the Diary pages are divided across a number of books of approx 80 pages each, each book clearly dated on the front page a 7 day business will have 6 books  and 6 day or 5 day business with have 4 books.

Include Additional Information Pages

Being bound into a book also allows additional pages to be included at the front and back with special instructions especially for the items or task that are only occasional and help to remind staff of requirements and procedures, also include training pages  and other relevant information that will be convenient to the users.


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