Cleaning and Tasks Checklist

While commonly referred to as the Cleaning Record, this version is a powerful checklist that is very practical in daily operation. Where a single page is used to record all cleaning the less frequent cleaning such as fortnightly and monthly may be under achieved or more frequently over achieved which may be an unrecognised expenditure cost when using expensive chemicals and materials to complete the cleaning.

The page is divided in to two main sections and the possibly for some additional relevant sections

  • Daily Cleaning Checklist
  • Weekly Cleaning Checklist
  • Optional customer specified additional section e.g. Grease Trap Check
Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Checklist

Pre Dated Page and Columns

The  top of the Daily section will be clearly dated with a week ending date  ‘Sunday, 20th July 2014′ in addition the individual daily columns are individually dated , Mon 14th, Tue 15th, etc.

Daily Cleaning Checklist

As the name suggests this is a list of all items that require cleaning on a daily basis, it will also include items that have their cleaning recorded two or more times each week. If there are days that an items is not cleaned then the non cleaning days are shaded with a dark grey, this is shading is light enough that the box can still be signed in a situation where the item is cleaned more frequently than the normal schedule or if the cleaning is deferred by a day or two.

In the event that an item is cleaned more than once in the same day then there are two options, the items can be listed twice if space permits or the daily column  can be divided into two.

Deep Cleaning

This is traditionally scheduled into the weekly list, however this results in an item being signed for in to places. Items that have a deep clean requirement can have the Deep Clean Day(s) nominated and these days are indicated by have a Heavy Border on the selected Day(s) and the letters ‘DC’ in light grey written into the day. You can nominate one or two days for deep cleaning.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

This section lists all the items that are cleaned once in the week.  As the page is fully dated it is sufficient to write the name of the day and sign to indicate the items has been cleaned.

Fortnightly and Monthly Cleaning

These items are also listed in the weekly listing, however they are not printed onto every page but in the case of fortnightly on every second page and in the case of Monthly on every 4th page (the book is arranged to have 13 x 4 week  cycles)  You have full control in deciding in which of the four weeks in the cycle that items are listed. Monthly and less frequent items are printed in Bold to give them more emphasis

Occasional and Unscheduled Cleaning

Items that are less frequent than monthly can also be scheduled into the checklist and will appear on the page appropriate to their cycle. for example something that is done quarterly will appear once every 13 weeks and you can decide which will be the first week, the 13 week cycle will be maintained from the first nominated date even for following years.  Unscheduled cleaning should be written into the schedule by the manager into the blank lines provided.

Detailed Cleaning Instructions

As with all  documents additional useful information can be included in the front and back pages, this can be detailed instructions on cleaning requirements and methodology and chemicals to be used, safety precautions to be adhered to and actions to be taken before and after cleaning is completed.

Task Scheduling

The cleaning Checklist is also a convenient location to schedule non cleaning by important tasks, e.g. Temperature Probe Accuracy Check.  In this case the Accuracy Check has its own page for recording the details of the Accuracy Check. The item can be scheduled in any period  of your choosing and the relevant pages for recording this can be included in the cover pages, the listing in the Weekly Section would look like  ‘Temperature Probe Accuracy Check –  See Page 3′ the page for recording this check is page no 3 in the book.


The layout of the pages is such that every item in every column should be signed off. There should not be a gap in the signatures on any page.

Optional Additional Sections

It may be possible to also include an additional specialised section, the most common is a ‘Grease Trap Record’.  Optional sections are created in consultation with you.

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